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Heat transfer BLM & 8:46 sticker 2.5”

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🌿Proceeds will go to help fund the Black Lives matter movement. 

We here at Littles in Lace have been trying to figure a way that we can tangibly help and support justice for not only George Floyd, but all of human lives that have been taken, ruined and oppressed by racism. 
We stand with the movement, we stand with the call for change. We stand for equality and justice. We stand for human beings being treated as human beings. Racism has no place here, it is a huge and old beast that MUST be abolished. 
Here we have made two different heat transfers for you to choose from. Very simple to use and washable. Simply place the transfer on most fabrics, cover with a thin cotton piece and heat with an iron for 20-40 seconds. 

Our hope is that it will start a conversation. Put it on your masks, let people ask you about what you stand for. 
put it on clothing or anything you can think of! 

“BLM” (Black Lives Matter) & “8:46” (The amount of time Mr. Floyd had an officer of the law kneel on his throat). 

We can hope and pray for a better tomorrow, but a better way to control the future is to create it. Act, be heard and stand up for what is RIGHT.