Our Story

Littles in Lace was founded in March of 2018!

We started because of our love for the age play community and our love for art. As a newer member of the community I fell in love with the people, the accessories and the fact that I got to play dress-up again. I wanted to bring my own little touch and creativity to the community. It first started as a hobby, releasing a few pacifier clips and bibs to start off. Very quickly it became a lasting passion and a whole new adventure. In December of 2018 I quit my job to pursue Littles in Lace full time!

Who am I? I'm a late 20's wife and mom of three. I work completely out of my home office while balancing my crazy life. I taught myself how to sew, market, craft and create, while my husband works behind the scenes to help with the technical side of things! I have so many ideas and rarely enough time to put them into action, I have learned so much through trial and error, and continue to strive to grow. Littles in Lace has been a wild ride, and the most incredible outlet for me to put my passion into.

One of my greatest joys is seeing the happiness my little treasures create. Being able to put a smile on someones face, making them feel small and safe makes all the craziness worth it. Quite simply, Littles in Lace is a way for me to share a common interest, to give back because you all have given me so much. 

Littles in Lace is 80% Handmade. We put love into every stitch, and passion into all our work. Thank you from the bottom of our heart, for supporting us for two years, and hopefully many more to come!

Littles in Lace